The mirror wall stick –
The mirror wall stick
The mirror wall stick
The mirror wall stick
The mirror wall stick
The mirror wall stick
The mirror wall stick
The mirror wall stick

The mirror wall stick

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3D stereo effect, using imported environmental protection acrylic materials, with no fading, no deformation, non-toxic, environmental protection.Suitable for a variety of scene background wall, so that you can decorate your own home.

 Installion Illustrate
1. Check package before installing: make sure every part of the product is intact, and no accessories missing
2. Put up the template: use the adhesive tape to paste the brown paper template on the wall, please note the positive and negative directions
3. Rip off the glue behind the module: carefully rip off the backing tape of the Acrylic, maybe a needle will be helpful for you to rip it out easily, but be careful not to scratch the Acrylic
4. Stick the corresponding Acrylic pieces: find the right hole and according the numbers to stick the corresponding pieces 
5. Peel off the brown template paper: after sticked all pieces well on the wall, rip off the paper template carefully
6. Last Step: peel off protective film of the module surface.


smooth wallpaper/ ceramic / painted wall / wooden surface / glass surface / metal surface
                        Do Not Apply
rough wall / textured wallpaper / drop ash wall / textile wall covering / non-woven all / diatom mud surface

1. Each production batch exist a slight color difference, if you buy the item for two different dates, maybe the two items you received will be some color difference, this is normal production situation, it is within range of allowable error
2. Due to the Acrylic sticker sensitive degree, and shooting angle different, plus display setting different parameters, there will be a little off color between objects and pictures, this is normal phenomenon, if you are in mind, please be cautious when you make purchase decision.  


        Warm Pront:
Before applying, please wipe off the dust on surface, after attached wallpaper to the wall, wipe it with dry and soft cloth back and forth several times, that makes the metope wallpaper and closer bonding.

Bright and reflective surface, all of the pieces were shiny in the bright light, the finished entire work looks different than just a sticker stuck to your wall, the relief effect is more obvious, they can last for many years without peeling or fading.

Enjoying the fun of DIY, because of the large size, this sticker will come in pieces, please pay patience to install.