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Dream catcher
Dream catcher
Dream catcher
Dream catcher
Dream catcher

Dream catcher

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Everybody needs a dream catcher. Someone to be there when your dreams start to fall

    The source of the dream catcher

    Dreamcatcher comes from a north American Sioux amulet.

    When an Indian child has a nightmare, his parents hang a dream catcher over his bed.

    Used symbolically to catch the devil in a nightmare or nightmare.

    Later in some parts of the United States also spread the custom, the dream catcher has the meaning of peace and bring good luck, and can dispel bad dreams, let a person dream to sleep.

    These are dream catchers, and they hang a lot of them in houses for decoration and to ward off evil spirits.


    That is a dream catcher


    The house was made up of different Indian stuff. On the walls were different dreamcatchers.



    Product information

    • Product name: Dream catcher
    • Material: leather rope + bead + feather + apron
    • Product color: pink and white
    • Product weight :(with light) 50g (without light) 36g
    • Product workmanship: manual
    • Product packaging: OPP transparent bag