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Cat nest
Cat nest
Cat nest
Cat nest
Cat nest

Cat nest

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Bullet Points:

1、It is a product that can be used comfortably throughout the year. Weigh the quality and safety of the cat litter with the hands of the craftsman.
2、Durable material: Durable wire weave. Even if a part of the line is cut, it will not lose shape and last longer. Pet bed rope for environmentally friendly dyeing technology.
3、The product is woven with threads for durability. Incorporating the pompoms that cats like, it can be used as a nail clipper, cute cat nails, even if it bites, it is a non-deformable cat bed/cat toy.
4、The cord material is foldable and portable.
5、It can be washed and cleaned with detergent. It will be completely dry.

Name: Handmade Cotton Rope Cat Litter
Size: about 40*40*16cm/15.75*15.75*6.30in
Weight: about 785G
Function: non-sticky, comfortable, easy to clean
Material: cotton rope
Color: blue and white, gray and white, pure gray, beige solid color, white and white, brown
Applicable object: cat / small dog
Washing method: 30 degree water temperature washing